Ultrasound & Imaging
Chison Medical Imaging Co., Ltd. is one of the world's leading manufacturers for ultrasound systems. With its know-how of transducer design, strong technical force of modern biomedical engineering, software & electronics, CHISON has specialized in the development & manufacturing of high quality ultrasound systems for 20 years .  It is ISO & CE certified by TUV in Germany.

About BMI

We can trace our history back to 1991 when we started distributing a wide range of radiological units worldwide, providing solutions to the demanding needs of modern radiology by offering a wide range of products such as:

  •  Mobile radiographic units

  •  Mobile C-arms for orthopedics/vascular surgery/interventional radiology

  •  Rad systems, for routine diagnostic

  •  R/F systems, for any radiographic a/ fluoroscopic examination

  •  Panoramic & intra-oral dental units

  •  Mammographic Unit

  •  Veterinary X-ray

Sono Touch 30

QBit 9

Imaging & Radiology

X-Ray Accessories/Products

  • Medical X-Ray Films (for basic radiology green/blue)

  • Laser Films

  • Lead Apron (X-ray Protection Solution)

  • Mammography Films

  • Dental Films

  • Processing Chemicals

  • Film Processors

  • Cassettes

  • Intensifying Screens

  • Grids

  • Personal Radiation Monitoring

  • Film Viewers

  • Positioning Pads

  • Lead Markers

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